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Improving Justice for Parents and Families, Inc. (IJ) is a not-for-profit corporation formed to enhance the mission of RC4 and to support the needs of its indigent clients and their families. Given the restrictive funding and limited resources of state agencies, the reunification of parents and their children is often hindered by obstacles that could be alleviated through additional, private monies or donation of services. Through charitable donations, fund raising events, grant awards, and service drives, IJ supports parents who are engaged in efforts to rehabilitate themselves and to stabilize their families. Basic need items IJ may be able to offer clients and family members include transportation-related expenses (bus & train fares, vehicle repairs), housing-related expenses (back-rent, utility deposits, cleaning services), as well as health and wellness-related expenses and fees (substance abuse and mental health evaluations, admissions, treatment and counseling; medical therapies and prescriptions for the uninsured and underinsured).

Moreover, IJ aims to offer positive experiences for families such as Reunification Day celebrations, graduations, and other family milestones. Additionally, IJ supports the work of parents' attorneys by providing opportunities for training and professional enhancement including conference programming, such as Florida's First Comprehensive CLE Conference for Parent Representation in Dependency Court held in Palm Beach Gardens on May 15-16, 2015. Visit other areas on the site to learn more about RC4 and the work we do for clients.
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